Wiring notes..

How to wire up the Doorbell. A wiring diagram would be very complicated looking. But actually doing it by logic worked really well.

  1. 1.The only wires NOT 30 Awg are, power, ground, doorbell button connection, speaker to amp. Everything else is 30 awg.

  2. 2.All of the bits of electronics tie to the SPI bus. Then all get most of their data & power from there. So 85% or so is complete right out of the box. See the chart for the colors here.

  3. 3.Once the SPI buss stuff is installed all you need is SC for each bit, RST for OLED & music, DRQ for music.

  4. 4.The Push-Pot needs 3V, Gnd, analog and button. I used this ground as a common for a bunch of stuff ‘cause it was their. You could use the Buss board too for that. It has a ground column. Remember the Buss is 5V the Push-Pot is 3.3V. Trim the Push-Pot pins short to fit in case.

  5. 5.Main 5V power comes in to the slide switch. Then the middle leg powers the SPI bus board. Trim the slide switch pins short to fit in case.

  6. 6.3.xV power come off the Teensy, but is only used to power the Push-Pot.

  7. 7.All the wires to go out the back and come in from speakers come out over the top of the music card. Up over the top and along the sides.

  8. 8.Doorbell button, 24Awg up over top of music card along with the 5V power wires. In to the tube. The doorbell wires exit the side of the tube. They attach to the back side of the connection lugs on the back panel.

  9. 9.Power switched to a USB connector in the tube so the USB wire hangs out. (Only Power no data here.)

Good luck!

-jim lee